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When you decide to take your legal matter to the Law Offices of John W. Brown, you begin a valuable attorney-client relationship. Whether you come for an initial consultation or retain the firm to handle your entire case, you will appreciate the benefits of direct interaction with Mr. Brown. With the support of an attentive legal team, Mr. Brown cultivates strong communications with our esteemed clients throughout all phases of a personal injury case.

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To discover how the firm can help you solve your legal problems after an accident in Pennsylvania, schedule an initial consultation at your earliest convenience. Also explore this website for more information about:

  • Significant winning cases the firm has handled, including multimillion-dollar wins
  • Personalized legal counsel clients can count on at this firm
  • The firm's laser beam focus on auto accidents and other plaintiffs' injury claims and lawsuits
  • The great variety of injury cases we accept, including workplace and medical malpractice cases

Our clients typically come from Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. At the Law Offices of John W. Brown, every client is known by name – not by case number. If the firm accepts your case, you will work directly with John W. Brown and not with a paralegal or law clerk as is the case with some firms. To build evidence of injuries and losses, we take the necessary time and effort to get to know each individual. An accidental injury often triggers a time of crisis for an entire family and social network. We are here to help you and your family navigate the legal system while you concentrate on recovering your health to the greatest extent possible.

Discover How We Can Work With Your Medical Team To Facilitate Your Recovery

As we get to know you, your family and the nature of your injuries, we will also rely on clear information provided by your medical team. We have a great deal of experience and success in gathering documentation of our clients' medical conditions and prognoses. Once you grant us access to your medical records, we will diligently put this valuable data to build our case on your behalf. We will prepare ourselves to argue forcefully in your favor before insurance claims adjusters, juries or a judge.

We know from experience with previous clients that a fair verdict or settlement goes a long way to helping individuals of all financial statuses to recover a viable lifestyle. A broken bone, a back injury, a traumatic head injury or a spinal cord injury can throw your life off track. With determination, you can get back on track – back in control. We are prepared to provide the legal support you need to fuel the courage you will put into practice every day.

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The first step toward recovering compensation is to contact a personal injury lawyer and arrange for a consultation as soon as possible. For a prompt response from the Law Offices of John W. Brown, complete our intake form, or call us in Pittsburgh at 412-567-0335 or toll free at 877-391-0998.