Hold Commercial Establishments Responsible For Serving Alcohol Irresponsibly

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a car accident involving a drunk driver, you naturally want to know how to hold that negligent driver responsible. Your personal injury lawyer can help ensure that every important fact about your case contributes to an effective injury claim or lawsuit. This may include pursuing justice in a claim against a commercial establishment that served alcohol to an obviously drunk patron.

Get The Compensation You Need After An Accidental Injury Or Death Caused By A Drunk Driver

Dram shop law prohibits sales of alcohol to minors and to those who are visibly intoxicated. Perhaps a drunk minor or a visibly intoxicated driver injured you after a restaurant or bar sold alcohol in violation of the law. You may have legal recourse through a dram shop claim. You may be able to recover more for your losses beyond what you can obtain from the person directly responsible for the crash.

Dram shop negligence may include actions and omissions such as:

  • Excessive drinks served
  • Drinks served to apparently inebriated guests
  • Failure to ensure safe transportation for intoxicated patrons

If the Law Offices of John W. Brown represents you, we will investigate thoroughly to discover whether you have a dram shop case against a bar, restaurant, casino or other alcohol-serving business. We'll help you bring the responsible establishment to light and hold the responsible people accountable. Your dram shop claim can be in addition to an injury claim against other negligent parties such as an inebriated driver.

Your Dram Shop Case May Help Prevent Accidents Caused By Drunk Drivers

Establishments with a liquor license have the right to refuse to service to visibly intoxicated customers. Unfortunately, for the sake of profit, they sometimes turn a blind eye and endanger both the customer and the people in their path. Get in touch with the Law Offices of John W. Brown to file a dram shop claim if applicable in your personal injury case. Bring legal action against an establishment that has demonstrated poor judgment in serving alcohol. A successful lawsuit can prevent future tragedies. Financial justice can hold such businesses responsible for their actions.

Get the compensation you need after a drunk driver-related crash. If a negligent commercial establishment contributed to the accident, hold the owners accountable, too. Prevent future tragedies through your own successful legal claim against an irresponsible vender of alcohol. Call 412-567-0335 or 877-391-0998, or send an email inquiry for your free consultation today.