Beware Drivers Who Text While Driving

If you are like most motorists in America today, you recognize the dangers of distracted driving, including texting while driving. Many drivers acknowledge the risks but still take those risks from time to time. They often believe they can remain in control of the wheel while sending a quick reply to a friend or family member. Others are more cavalier and engage in hazardous activity regularly – manipulating tablet computers, GPS devices and video players for children in the back seat, for example – all while driving in traffic.

Even "hands-free" devices lure drivers into less attentive driving. Drivers on the phone concentrate on conversations rather than on the fast-moving traffic conditions. Cellphone use while driving is simply not safe in most circumstances and amounts to negligence. Texting and talking on cellphones are not the only forms of distracted driving. Fiddling with cigarette lighters, radio controls and personal care items can also take a driver's attention from the road.

Distracted Driving Leads To Many Injuries And Fatalities

Many drivers get away with distracted driving but some do not. Some cause accidents, hurting or killing themselves, their passengers and/or occupants of other vehicles. A successful claim will prove that another driver was distracted to the point of negligence. This evidence can make a great difference in the outcome of your personal injury claim after a car crash. Attorney John W. Brown in Pittsburgh uses cellphone records and other evidence to strengthen clients' motor vehicle accident cases, often caused by distracted or drunk driving.

What To Do After An Accident

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