When A Drunk Driver Causes An Accident

Does it matter that the driver was drunk in the accident that injured you? For best results in a motor vehicle accident case, get answers to this and other key questions as soon as possible.

There is no substitute for a personalized evaluation of your case by a knowledgeable litigator. An experienced personal injury lawyer will investigate and uncover facts about an accident. Our firm will use all important information in building strong arguments in your favor. The fact of another driver's inebriated state may affect the outcome of your case. Contact the Law Offices of John W. Brown in Pittsburgh to learn how we can get start an investigation right away. We care that you have suffered injuries in a car, truck or motorcycle accident.

Negligence behind the wheel comes in many varieties. Drunk driving and distracted driving are among the most common causes of crashes that injure and kill other people on the road. If another driver is cited for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI), this information may, in fact, prove pivotal in your motor vehicle accident claim.

Special Factors That May Have An Impact On Your Accident Case Involving A Drunk Driver

After a DUI-related car crash, facts such as the following may matter:

  • The circumstances of how the other driver became drunk. (Did a commercial establishment or social host serve excessive amounts of alcohol to that person?)
  • His or her age. (Is that driver a minor or an adult?)
  • The outcome of his or her DUI case, if applicable. (Was the DUI case dismissed or was there a conviction?)
  • The terms and limits of his or her insurance policy. (Does his or her insurance have clauses excluding coverage for accidents occurring under intoxication?)
  • Your own insurance features. (Do you have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage?)

These are a few examples of particular aspects of a DUI accident that may alter the outcome of your claim for compensation. Getting answers to questions such as these is important after a DUI or distracted driving accident. Getting results requires a speedy, thorough investigation and insightful legal analysis. Your most promising path forward after suffering injuries in this type of crash is to get a truly knowledgeable motor vehicle accident attorney on your side – the sooner, the better. Trial lawyer John W. Brown has won extraordinary settlements and verdicts for previous clients of the law firm. He and our dedicated legal team invite you to contact our Pittsburgh law firm. Schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience. If you are unable to travel to the law offices, he can meet you in your home or hospital.

We Are Here For Our Pennsylvania Neighbors Injured In DUI Accidents

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