Hurt On Someone Else's Premises? We Can Help.

When you are welcomed onto someone else's property, whether it is in someone's home or a business place, you have every right to assume that there will be no neglected safety hazards that threaten your health. In the event that you are hurt due to a property owner or manager's negligence, you are entitled to a compensation for your losses. With the guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney, you will not have to handle the process alone.

Our team at the Law Offices of John W. Brown has been handling personal injury cases for over 30 years. We have the skills you need to file a liability claim, as well as to maximize the amount you are entitled to. We have served many clients throughout Pittsburgh and all over Pennsylvania, and we are ready to fight for you.

Determining Liability For Your Premises Injury

While no one can predict an accident, negligent actions can be prevented with better attention. The most common scenarios that lead to premises-related injuries include:

  • Neglected building inspection that results in exposure to asbestos or other dangerous chemicals
  • Unleashed dogs or other pets prone to biting guests
  • Unmonitored electronic hazards such as exposed wires
  • Unmonitored stoves and other hazards that cause burns
  • Underaged alcohol consumption at private gatherings

We will help you determine who the responsible party is for your accident. For example, in the event that you have been exposed to harmful chemicals in a building overdue for inspection, we will help you hold the property owner responsible for his or her negligence and seek the subsequently owed compensation. If your teenaged child was served alcohol at a friend's house, and if it also led to dangerous actions such as drunk driving, we will help you hold the parents or other social hosts liable.

Let Our Team Handle Your Case For You

When you have suffered injuries that could have been prevented, you should not have to struggle through the consequences alone. Let attorney John W. Brown fight for your compensation and keep you from paying unnecessary costs.

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