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When it comes to seeking compensation for pain and suffering, you need the legal guidance of a reliable lawyer whom you can trust. At the Law Offices of John W. Brown in Pittsburgh, you will find the high-quality counsel you are looking for. With over 30 years of experience in practicing personal injury law in Pennsylvania, we are ready to work hard to help you achieve the best possible solution for your injuries.

You Can Count On Our Skills And Experience

Below are some of the successful verdicts and settlements John W. Brown and his associates have worked hard to achieve:

  • Lead counsel for the lead plaintiff in a combined $7.8 million jury verdict for injuries in a stairway fall case
  • Counsel for plaintiff who received a $2 million settlement from all sources for head injuries sustained in an automobile intersection collision
  • Counsel for plaintiff who obtained over a quarter of a million-dollar jury verdict when an ambulance struck the plaintiff's car in a city intersection
  • Counsel for plaintiff who obtained a $975,000 settlement as a result of a tractor-trailer collision resulting in death
  • Counsel for mother and son who obtained a combined $937,000 settlement at mediation for injuries when their car was struck by another vehicle that ran the red light at the intersection
  • Counsel for estate of patient obtaining a $750,000 settlement at mediation wherein psychiatric patient committed suicide at hospital

While past successes cannot guarantee future results, having attorney John W. Brown on your side means you do not have to walk away from your injury with no hope. We will apply our skills and experience to maximize your claim as much as possible, so that you can secure justice for your losses.

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